We Are Guelph: Stronger Together


Great message and platform:


Resilient and Healthy Communities

  • Support initiatives that promote food security and healthy local food production.
  • Meaningful steps to address the shortfall in affordable housing and advocate for the implementation of the Ontario housing benefit.
  • Challenge urban sprawl through community investment in livable neighbourhoods and public spaces, including parks and recreation centres.
  • Support The Guelph and Wellington Taskforce for Poverty Elimination priorities and work to achieve the 2014 actions to address: income inequality, affordable housing and homelessness, food security, and health inequities.
  • Build on the city’s water conservation efforts to protect our local water supply and systems.

Services That Meet the Needs of Guelph

  • Support affordable, accessible, sustainable and safe transportation for both users and workers, including: buses, trains, bike lanes, and routes that minimize traffic congestion.
  • Promote equitable and sustainable service growth, while considering the unique interests and needs of different neighbourhoods.
  • Provide strong public services that act as a direct source of good jobs by resisting pressure to contract out work and privatize services through public-private partnerships.

Public Education and Participation

  • Facilitate involvement of community members in setting the future vision of Guelph.
  • Support increased capacity within Neighbourhood Groups so residents can create the community supports they require.
  • Work to increase public participation on municipal politics through public education and effective representation to meet community needs.
  • Recognize and value the diversity of Guelph residents through inclusive community engagement strategies.

Strong Local Economy and Fair Working Conditions

  • Promote secure employment and good quality jobs, both in the public and private sector.
  • Support local business with a program that encourages people to shift 10% of their income to sustain local enterprise and create local jobs.
  • Advocate for a $14 minimum wage, paired with a commitment to develop Guelph as a living wage community.
  • Uphold and protect the rights of workers, including the right to collective bargaining.
  • Promote Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative as a means to build good jobs and a sustainable energy future in Guelph.

Municipal Revenue and Responsible Taxation

  • Ensure that people receive value and quality for the taxes they pay.
  • Recognize the challenges faced by municipal governments as result of the downloading of responsibilities for service provision by the Provincial and Federal governments.
  • Support lobbying efforts to increase Federal and Provincial financial support to municipalities, rather than increasing property taxes and fees to account for shortfalls.

Thanks to Greg Smith for pointing out the omission. Fixed now. Although initially I’ve been given an additional e at the end of my name. Gives it a little flair’e’ don’t ya think?


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