Mystic of the Midway Review – The Prairies Book Review


Very pleased with the Prairies Book Review, review of Mystic of the Midway.

“Great storytelling, endearing protagonists, and a finely executed plot make this a winner for middle graders. An utterly engrossing entry that will leave readers impatiently awaiting the author’s next novel.”

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Mystic of the Midway – Official Website Launch


We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Mystic of the Midway web page:

The site provides a web presence for fans of Mystic.

Visitors can find information about the book. The site also provides readers with resources. There are features such as an interactive map, games and videos about the park and Effie’s abilities.

We hope the site will foster interest in local history and can be used at home or in the classroom.

Wellington Advertiser – Community Support for Mystic of the Midway


As an author, I was overwhelmed by the community support for Mystic of the Midway. Wanting to include pictures of the old park, I reached out to online communities for photo donations. The community was quick to respond and graciously provided a number of photos featured in the novel.

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Mystic of the Midway – Literary Titan Review


Very happy that Mystic received a 4 star rating from Literary Titan.

Mystic of the Midway is a gripping paranormal mystery for older elementary level and early teens. With suspense and thrill, the author has really captured the emotion for the audience in the writing. The action was fast paced, the dialogue was relevant and entertaining, and the characters were written accurately for their ages. This is a great supernatural thriller that will keep kids engaged.”

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Fort Erie Observer: Mystic Q and A


I really enjoyed my conversation with Christine. It went so well, I asked her to participate in the online book launch as one of the local voices and to provide a historian context.

In our COVID world we haven’t met in person, but looking forward to heading down to Fort Erie in the near future to visit Lakeside Books and Arts and visit friends!

Check out the full Q and A session here:

Checkout the official Mystic of the Midway website for updates and resources.

Mystic of the Midway Virtual Book Launch


Very excited to be doing a virtual launch of Mystic of the Midway on Oct. 17th 2-3PM ET. I’ll be joined by Histria Books and Christine Whelan, Freelance Writer a Crystal Beach historian to talk about the publication journey, the history of the Crystal Beach park and a reading. Register via the Eventbrite link below to get a spot. It’s free!