French Immersion enrolment caps shows vision and an understanding of the problem families and the board face.


Imposing a cap on the amount of students that can be enrolled in French Immersion to address population problems at Edward Johnson school was defeated 5-3 at a recent board meeting. Although, introducing a cap on enrolment may not be the solution for the current problem at Edward Johnson the motion does illustrate the board is recognizing the need to implement more long term solutions instead of the regular boundary shifts that are used to address school enrolment. This is the 3rd time in as many years that Edward Johnson families and students have faced a boundary review. The constant disruption that these reviews cause as well as the cost to conduct just doesn’t address the problem at hand. By taking a leadership stance Trustee Chair Mark Bailey recognizes that a long term solution is needed from a cost, efficiency and consistency perspective. By looking at neighbouring boards Bailey and other Trustees are starting to look for solutions that can work long term. A cap may not be the final solution, but the action recognizes that a real solution is needed beyond consistent student, family and school disruption.

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