Guelph Leads the Way by Taking the Active Pledge


In a recent article from the Guelph Mercury:

Guelph had the highest participation rate amongst candidates across Ontario.

This is a reflection of our Guelphite values. We believe in being an active community.

I signed the pledge because I share these values for myself, my family and my community. But I also signed the pledge because I feel strongly that the healthy habit of being active starts with what we learn as children. We need to look at our schools in the same manner. Having walkable, accessible and community based schools that are safe for children should be a priority.

Community schools are a significant anchor to a healthy neighborhood. They bring continued investment to communities where young families move to raise children. They provide community spaces for people to congregate and they bring the vibrancy of continued growth and renewal that makes neighborhoods unique and special places where people want to live.

That’s why I signed the pledge: active community, active schools and active children for healthy, active and environmentally friendly values now and the future.

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